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    Hi, I am looking to get further training in Inpatient Coding via AAPC CIC training course. Does anyone know if AAPC accepts tuition assistance from employers? The health system I work for provides tuition assistance and I would like to use that for this course by AAPC but can't figure out if...
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    Question Billing insurance for titer required by school

    I know that most insurances won't cover things like school physicals and pre employment exams, but are titers covered? We had a patient get Hep B titer done for school. Can we bill the patient's insurance or just bill the patient?
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    physicals - can somebody tell me

    can somebody tell me how to code if a patient comes in only to have forms filled out for the dmv or a child coming in for a school physical or sports physical? I need CPT and ICD-9 Thank You,:)