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    Wiki Difference between Independent Clinic (POS 49) vs Office place of service (POS 11)

    Can someone help me in explaining what is the difference between independent clinic (POS 49) and Office ( POS 11) as well as the scope of practice and types of services offered in both?
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    Wiki Abstractor - Obstetrics & Gynecology- Maternal-Fetal Medicine UTSW

    Hello- We have an open Abstractor position here are the details: This is in office based work. Abstractor - Obstetrics & Gynecology- Maternal-Fetal Medicine Job Number: 520873 Categories: Insurance / Billing Location: Dallas, TX Department: Maternal-Fetal Medicine Full/Part Time/PRN...
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    Wiki Extended ER Services

    Would like to get some feedback on what different facilities are doing with patients who need extended emergency room services. Is there a potential charge for this extended time? Or do you use Observation code? Appreciate any feedback for this situation! Kris
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    Wiki Help!!!! Strapping code 29240

    When billing strapping code 29240 and I have to put modifier LT or RT ??? We provided services on both. Please help!!
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    Wiki Billing for services by a Dietician

    I am in need of help on billing for a dieticians services, we have a new NP in our practice and he she as requested consults form our Dietician. Can the services provided by the Dietician be billed to Medicare even though she does not have a provider number? I am looking for instruction on how...
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    Wiki Code order for home health services

    In home health care services what is coded first E11.612 or Z48.00
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    Wiki Long Term Acute Care Hospital Billing

    When a physician performs outpatient services in a Long Term Acute Care Hospital, are the services billed using the NPI of the facility with a POS code of 22 (outpatient)?
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    Wiki Prolonged services

    Hello all, I need more guidance or help into the process of billing for prolonged services along with an E/M office visit. My specialty is a pediatric neurology and my provider spends additional time on reports and such for the patient care on autism patients. Please if there is anybody who...
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    Wiki Lactation Consultation

    Hello! I need help with coding an RN certified in Lactation Education. Lately I have been including her services in the E/M and accounting for time along with the physician's assessment. Is there a code I can use for consults for other than physicians and other qualified healthcare...
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    Wiki AC Surgical Services

    Can 0370, 0490, 0710 be billed with surgical services such as 43774, 28270, and 28485 or are they all inclusive?
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    Wiki ICD-10 proficent CPC-A Looking for Billing/Coding Position

    MEEGAN SWEENEY, CPC-A PROFILE Certified Professional Coder, Health Claims Specialist with experience in various areas of bad debt collections and follow-up responsibilities including maintaining accurate patient files and charts. Completed an extensive Health Claims Specialist...
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    Wiki Humana Denial

    Is anyone having trouble with Humana not paying office visits, even with a mod 25 attached? These are all being denied in our office and bundled with lab services or vaccines. Does anyone have any thoughts are how to correct?
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    Wiki Language Barrier

    I work for a multi-specialty practice, We take care of many patients who do not speak English. Right now we are torn between using a code or not. currently we are using code Z60.3 - acculturation difficulty. We are trying to figure out a better code or if there even is one ? Does any one know of...
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    Wiki Opening for CPCO to Be SME for HIPAAInstitute - New from SuperCoder

    Dear AAPC Members, is hiring for its latest online software and services products in compliance offered by We are hiring a CPCO who has at least five years of experience as a compliance office for a physician practice. The position will serve as the subject...
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    Wiki Billing representative

    Chiropractor billed for his services the same day we billed physical therapy charges. Chiropractor services paid and our charges denied as max benefit met. How can we get paid for our services because we are different specialty. Is there a modifier we could use?
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    Wiki Referrals and MDM - I work for an urgent care

    Good Afternoon, I work for an urgent care organization and we average roughly 60 referrals per day. I reviewed the CMS 2014 E&M guidelines and under the MDM section for "Number of Diagnoses and/or Management Options": If referrals are made, consultations requested, or advice sought, the...
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    Wiki CPT code S0199 help

    Does anybody know anything about the S0199. Medically induced abortion by oral ingestion of medication. This code says all associated services and supplies included (except drug). The Aetna HMO/NAMM says not covered my Medicare so they denied the services. I don't know if there is anything we...
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    Wiki Billing for services not completed on an uncooperative patient

    Ig a child is uncooperative with their hearing ( for example) screen and no result or screen is completed can you bill for this?
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    Wiki ACDF coding with 77003 radiology code

    Our surgeon specializes in the spine and thinks that we are able to code 77003 for radiology during a ACDF 22551 for his services only and not the facility. So I guess my question is are we able to put the radiology code on the physicians services? Also would you only put it on the facilty...