1. V

    Denial for Max Antros W/RMVL 31267

    One of our cases were recently audited and came back denying 31267 stating "if he/she exclusively removed tissue from the ostium and not the maxillary sinus itself, 31267 is not substantiated and is there for denied as not documented" Are they considering the infundibulum as part of the ostium...
  2. S

    Wiki I&D suture granuloma

    I am struggling with how to code this... Postop diagnosis: Foreign body cyst/ granuloma reaction post total knee arthroplasty. Operation performed was I&D, removal of foreign body suture/cyst/granuloma. Procedure summary: Left leg prepped and draped in usual sterile fashion. Time out...
  3. J

    Flex Sigmoidoscopy, drain exchange and sinus debridement

    Hi. Having a hard time figuring this one out! Reason to take the patient to the OR was to replace the mushroom catheter/drain which ended up taking substantial time. Below is the op note. Any help in coding this drain exchange and/or sinus debridement is appreciated. Thanks! Indications...
  4. K

    frontal craniectomy -coronall approach- 2 surgeons

    Can anyone help me with CPT codes for this surgery? Ear/Nose and Throat surgeon report Procedure: 1. Coronal approach to anterior skull base 2. Cranialization of frontal sinuses 3. Transcranial exploration of right orbit with tumor removal 4. Pericranial flap with closure of CSF leak 5...
  5. T

    Pilonidal sinus excision

    The physician excised a pilonidal sinus and also performed a fasciocutaneous flap on the right and left buttocks. Is it proper to code 11772 and 15734? I am not sure from the code description if the fasciocutaneous flap is included or can be coded separately. Thanks for any help
  6. dimmitta

    Sick Building Syndrome???

    :confused: Does anyone know what ICD-9 would be used for Sick building syndrome? Doctor states that he exhibits this syndrome, with recurrent upper respiratory infections and sinus problems. I am looking at either 477.8 or 508.8 but not sure which would be more accurate in this situation.
  7. S

    Wiki Tobramycin Flushes / Ent

    Help, I am looking for advice on how to code these Tobramycin Flush procedures. Some backgound, these are performed mostly on patients with Cystic Fibrosis and they hve had previous sinus surgeries and the maxillary and etmoid sinus are wide open. I have described 3 seperatae examples. The...