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    Wiki How to Code this Simple Co-Infection?

    This seems like it would be extremely easy, but I can't figure it out. How should I code HIV with Syphylis coinfection? That's it. HIV with AIDS, Syphilis is unspecified. How does one code this....accurately? My brain hurts.
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    Wiki Screening Code Question

    Per the CPT code Guidelines for Screening, if the patient is presenting to the office for vaginal discharge and odor, and an STD Screening is done, what is your understanding of the coding practice? My understanding of the guideline is: Code the Discharge and Odor (Symptoms) NOT the Z11.3...
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    Wiki Billing E/M code for new pt STD screening only

    Our provider sometimes sees new patients at our walk-in clinic who only want STD screening and have no symptoms. An ROS and brief exam are always done. Can I bill an E/M code for these cases or just the lab draw?
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    Wiki Can you code E/M for STD testing ?

    Coding OB/GYN and we have patient's come in just for STD testing; stating boyfriend cheated or they were exposed to an STD My question is can you code an E/M visit for just STD testing with no signs or symptoms ? example -99212 with Z11.3 ? Or do they have to have signs or symptoms to code the...
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    Wiki STD testing after traveling outside the United States

    What diagnosis code would you use when a patient wants STD testing after traveling outside the United States to a country where STD risk is high?
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    Wiki When to bill screening codes?

    Lets say a new OB pt comes to our office and they have the routine labs drawn but also want an STD check. Is it necessary to detail each one out? Or would the correct option be to code the Z34.XX code for routine care, a Z36 for antenatal screening, and the the weeks of gestation? Or would I...