1. K

    Psychiatric Injection CPT codes

    Are there any CPT codes that can be used in a psychiatric outpatient office setting for injections? (Invega Sustenna, Suboxone, etc) Should HCPCS codes be included with this also? Also, if a nurse is performing the injection is 99211 used alone? Would insurances reimburse for an E/M with...
  2. J

    Dx codes - office visits for Suboxone therapy

    My office has a new provider who is doing Suboxone therapy. I know to bill the OV with the E&M level matching documentation, and we are using F11.20 as the primary dx, but I am wondering if I need to also use Z76.0, as the provider is issuing a new RX for that week's medication at each visit...
  3. H

    Oral Administration of J3490

    Is anyone else having problems billing out the Administration for the J340 (suboxone)? The only answer I'm coming up with is "there is a more appropriate code to use" but after hrs searching I can't find anything other than H0033. Any tips, advice or help is GREATLY appreciated!!