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    Suggestions please - CPMA EXAM PREPARATION

    Hi All, I need some guidance regarding CPMA Exam. Those who have already cleared this exam, Kindly provide your valuable suggestions for preparation. 1.How many ICD-10-CM related questions will be asked in Exam? 2.How many questions will be asked on ICD-10-PCS? 3.How many CPT guidelines...
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    Facility coding

    I've been thinking of expanding my knowledge into the facility side of coding. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for the best books or websites to look at to gain a base understanding of facility coding.
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    Help with coding an inpatient stay after a hysterectomy

    Here is a summary of what happened with this patient. She had a TVH and on post op day 10 she was admitted as inpatient for post op fever, nausea vomiting, lack of appetite. She was diagnosed with vaginal cuff cellulitis and my MD did a fine needle aspiration of a vaginal cuff seroma. The...
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    2wk c/s incision check

    Not sure what the best code would be for the incision check. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    What are you using for icd 10 code for Psuedogout LT knee?

    Hello, Any suggestions for psuedogout LT knee? Thanks in advance! Mickie
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    Wiki ICD-10 DX for smoking cessation

    I am having some trouble with Medicare paying 99406 or 99407 when billed with E/M code using Dx F17.210. The denial is for "not medically necessary" Any suggestions? I appreciate any help Maru
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    Orthopaedics Coding Education Needed

    I'm looking for suggestions for education (courses, webinars, etc.) to learn orthopaedic coding/billing. I see that AAPC has some information, but it looks like it is all geared towards earning a specialty certification as opposed to learning about the topic. Thanks in advance for any links...
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    Tilt Table

    I'm getting denials on Tilt Tables. We are using R55 as the ICD 10 code. I've tried looking for the LCD or NCD on 93660 and had no luck. Any suggestions?
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    thoracic surgery

    My MD did an open flap drainage and a decortication at the same visit. I used cpt codes 32036 and 32225-59, however we are being denied for bundling. What can I do to get pass this? Any suggestions?
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    CPC remote coder looking for ways to gain more experience in the coding world.

    Hi everyone! I am requesting any suggestions in how I can gain more experience in outpatient coding and have this stand out in a resume? I am currently working for a company doing OP Cardiac Cath Lab and Peripheral vascular coding for about a year and 4 months. I want to experience and do more...
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    Coding Shoulder Surgeries

    Does anyone have any good resources they use to code shoulder surgeries. I am struggling with some of the procedures and when they can be billed with the main procedure. Any suggestions would be great.
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    Wiki Hemiplegia

    The physician diagnosed a patient with right-sided hemiplegia...I am lead to I69.95-...however its so confusing to determine whether its right dominant or non-dominant...any suggestions. Thanks :)
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    Wiki Status post epidural lumbar injection

    Im trying to find the ICD 10 code is pertinent because the patient presents to ED with headaches 1 week after the injection...any suggestions?
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    Cpt 11750 and 64450

    Hello, can you please help on these codes, my physician is removing a partial nail using sharp clippers after separating from the nail, he is also using Marcaine for block anesthesia, I would code this as 11730 and the anesthesia would be included, any suggestions. thanks
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    Open Abdomen with Vac-Packs

    Need help with open abdomens when Vac-Packs are placed, days later the physician goes back and removes the Vac-Pack debrides the wound and reapplies the Vack-Pack. This procedure is sometimes repeated on multiple occassions. Any suggestions on the correct coding of these procedures? Any...
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    I have been out of billing for injections for awhile and now I have a question. If you have a drug that is covered by Medicare and the allowable is less than cost can you file with the invoice or does anyone have any suggestions? We have tried having the patient pick the drug up at the pharm but...