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    Wiki Physician Assistant Supervision Requirements - Georgia

    Hello, I seem to be finding some conflicting information regarding PA supervision requirements in the state of GA, both as it pertains to the pandemic and outside the pandemic. Can anyone please explain what the guidelines were/are for Medicare before and during the pandemic? Was/is it direct...
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    Wiki Direct supervision requirements and incident to for diagnostic allergy testing

    Hello, I need help with a scenario so we can get the workflow correct in our clinic. I understand diagnostic allergy testing 95004 and 95024 have a requirement for direct supervision and this supervision cannot be done by a mid-level. My question is whether the midlevel can see the patient...
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    Wiki LCPC billing under LCSW to Medicare

    I have an LCPC who would like to bill under an LCSW in IL to Medicare for psychotherapy services. I don't think this is allowed, but I cannot locate the information online. Can anyone help?
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    Wiki Ultrasound Supervision/Billing

    I need some advice regarding ultrasound billing in our office when our physician is on vacation. We have a certified ultrasound tech that is contracted to perform the scans. We also have 2 midlevel providers in the office at the time (just the MD is out). How do we/can we bill for this? We...
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    Wiki Pediatric Critical Care Patient Transport 99485, 99486

    Good morning. Can anyone tell me what place of service would be reported with 99485 and 99486? Since the physician is providing supervision to the transport team via two way communication, would the POS be 41 (ambulance) vs. 21 (Inpatient Hospital)? Thank you for your assistance.
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    Wiki EMG/NCS non-physician supervision

    OK... You can bill an EMG on it's own, and you can bill an EMG with an NCV, but if you bill Medicare for an NCV without an EMG you have to have a medical diagnosis preventing the EMG. My provider didnt provide one in one of his dictations, so I asked him and he said the reason he didn't do the...