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    Coding Clinic States use Z12.11 on High Risk Screening Colonoscopy???

    I reviewed documentation from a recent AskMueller seminar of GI coding and billing and it states to assign Z12.11 screening for malignant neoplasm as the primary diagnosis code for high risk screening colonoscopy, stating a surveillance colonoscopy is a screening colonoscopy. I had never heard...
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    Surveillance Colonoscopy vs Screening

    I am beyond confused - I keep reading how to code screening vs surveillance colonoscopies and found this article which goes against everything I've been reading. Thoughts? On this site...
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    History of Polyps - Need some input please

    Need some input please; If a patient comes in for a colonoscopy, non-Medicare, with a history of polyps (tubular adenomas)last colonoscopy over 10 years ago, is this an average risk colon screening or a surveillance colon? Is there any where that states if a patient has not had a colon in over x...