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Need some input please; If a patient comes in for a colonoscopy, non-Medicare, with a history of polyps (tubular adenomas)last colonoscopy over 10 years ago, is this an average risk colon screening or a surveillance colon? Is there any where that states if a patient has not had a colon in over x amount of years but has a history of polyps you can code this as an avg. risk colon, or once you have polyps no matter how long since your last colon it will always be a surveillance colon. Would appreciate anybody's thoughts on this.
I would bill it as a surveillance colonoscopy. Even though the procedure should have been performed around 3 - 5 years after the first one, the reason it is being done now is not screening but surveillance because of the personal history of polyps.
Thanks for your input, but now another question...Why is it that Medicare allows for a screening if you have a history of polyps every 24 months but if you had Blue Cross or Aetna or some other commercial insurance we bill as a surveillance? Just wondering. Would really like some thoughts.... and maybe another article from AAPC regarding this never ending subject.