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    Wiki Same mass multiple techniques used Colonoscopy

    Hello I need help, I know if you code a colonoscopy and multiple techniques are used to remove DIFFERENT masses/polyps you code each technique and add mod 59 to the others of less value. BUT my question is what if its the SAME mass and they used 2 techniques to remove the same mass. Can you...
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    Wiki Colonoscopy Consult

    We are struggling to educate providers on appropriate level for screenings when there are no symptoms present other than patient age and or history of never having a colonoscopy. We are also questioning whether or not these types of screenings should be billed as everything we've found states...
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    Wiki Argon Plasma Coagulation

    I'm a little iffy on how to code a specific instance. In one procedure, a polyp was unable to be fully removed via the traditional snare method (45385) and required the doc to finish the removal by ablation via Argon Plasma Coagulation. Would coding the APC as ablation of a tumor, 45388...
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    Wiki Need help with Wedge resection of sigmoid colon

    Im still fairly new to coding General surgery and this one has me stumped. The surgeon performed a Wedge Resection of sigmoid colon mass with primary closure Here's the operative report, any help would be greatly appreciated: DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: The is a surgical operation, which is an...
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    Wiki CPT for Laparoscopic Repair of Colon Perforation

    :confused:Would CPT Code 44238 unlisted laparoscopic procedure code, intestine be the most appropriate code for this procedure?
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    Wiki anastomosis

    If a patient has an ostomy closure , and it stated the small bowel to colon anastomosis , is it 44620, 44625 ,or 44626? Please help, not understanding this ?
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    Wiki On table colon lavage due to obstruction

    Just need confirmation of this or if there is another code for the colon lavage (44701) please. 44207, 44187, 44213, 44701 - (44701 is what I really need feedback on please). PROCEDURE: Laparoscopic coloanal resection with diverting loop ileostomy, takedown of splenic flexure, and on-table...
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    Wiki colectomy without colostomy or anastamosis

    I have surgeon who did an open procedure on a patient who had two perforations in the colon, one in the descending and the other in the simoid. Surgeon divided the colon just distal to the sigmoid and proximal to the descending but left the patient open with a ABThera wound vac. No Anastamosis...
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    Wiki Colonoscopy -know this has probably

    I know this has probably come up several times, but here goes again. A pt came in Aug 2011 for colon w/biopsy 45380 at the age of 62 with UHC insurance and dx for diverticulitis. In 2008 he also had 45385 with UHC for dx blood in stool. He is now 67 and has Medicare and has no symptoms. The...
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    Wiki Difficult colon surgery, any help would be great!!!!!!

    I have copied the op report below and I am afraid I am missing something in my choice of codes. I know I can't charge for the lysis of adhesions or the hernia repair. I am coming up with 44146 with a modifier 22. Colon surgery is confusing to me at times. Thanks in advance for the help...
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    Wiki History of Polyps - Need some input please

    Need some input please; If a patient comes in for a colonoscopy, non-Medicare, with a history of polyps (tubular adenomas)last colonoscopy over 10 years ago, is this an average risk colon screening or a surveillance colon? Is there any where that states if a patient has not had a colon in over x...
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    Wiki 45111 vs 44145

    Can someone please help me to figure out what is the different between 45111 vs 44145. They both remove part of the rectum and anastamos the remainding rectum to the colon. Help