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    Billing for a PA in a Teaching University

    Hello Folks, Does anybody have any knowledge/experience doing this? One of my clients ( a PA ) has just joined the University Hospital. The Billing Department is not sure how to bill for her services. Any help/advise would help. Thx a lot Ken Lobo
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    Auditing Resident and Attending hospital documentation

    I am auditing some inpatient hospital notes and I am trying to determine if I can use the electronic H&P by the resident along with the Handwritten H&P of the resident and the Attending's handwritten H&P. If you used the following information would you bill based on the handwritten notes only...
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    Teaching physician attestations

    Can teaching physicians attest to notes on dates of service that they did not see the patient (as long as they state the date they saw the patient), in order to use the elements of the resident's note for coding the level of service? Example: teaching physician attests to resident's 12/1...
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    Questions regarding teaching physicians/residents

    Hi, This question is regarding teaching hospitals with residents. I'll write a scenario: A Resident is called to consult a patient on June 1. The teaching physician does not physically see the patient until June 2, and attests to the Resident's June 1 note saying, "Time of eval 9am June 2. I...
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    GC Modifier- we are getting denials

    Hello, we are getting denials from Medicaid when billing codes 99215, 99213 and 99214 with modifier GC when the services were provided by a resident under the supervision of a teaching physician. We are sending the claims with the teaching physician Medicaid NPI number. When we called Medicaid...
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    CPC-H Coding Instructor Needed

    CPC-H Coding Instructor Advanced Coding Services is no accepting applications for this position. Thank you.
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    billing for chemo teaching?

    Hi all :) We used to have a couple of nurses dedicated to chemo teaching and were charging 99211's for their time. A few months ago, we have a staffing shuffle and now our NP's are doing the chemo teaching so we've seen a change from 99211's to higher visits. I'm not convinced this is...
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    Primary Care Exception

    Your help is needed in regards to the Primary Care Exception of Teaching Physician guideline for Medicare. It is my understanding that under the Primary Care Exception we are only allowed to bill for services of 99201-99203 and 99211-99213. Any other service than those do not fall under the...