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    Wiki Tears - Traumatic or Degenrative

    Hi Everyone, I need a clarification on DX to code for tears involving in joints. How to code DX for tears when document provides mising info about Traumatic or degenerative? When we go by index, it leads to Traumatic as first, so should we go with the traumatic codes? or we should also check...
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    Wiki Traumatic vs. Derangement

    There has been some debate on determining whether a case is traumatic vs. derangement. I would like some outside opinions on this topic in general and the specific case specified below. Case # 1 SUBJECTIVE: **** is here today for evaluation of her left knee. *** has had left knee pain ever...
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    Wiki Esophageal Stenting if Provider Caused the Rent

    Hi there, we are trying to find information on billing esophageal stents if the provider caused a small rent during EGD/ERCP. I know if there is post polypectomy bleeding (caused by physician) you cannot bill for hemorrhage control. You can only bill hem control if the bleeding was encountered...
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    Wiki Coding for Hymenal Tear Removal

    I have a patient who presented to the office with a hymenal tear protruding through the vagina. Our physician injected lidocaine and removed the protrusion with a scalpel. Is it appropriate to code this procedure as 56442? With hymenal tear being the diagnosis?
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    Wiki hip Labral tear

    Does anyone know what ICD-10 code you use for a hip Labral tear. I see very conflicting information on the internet.
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    Wiki Am I giving this OP Note too much thought?!?! Help please! :)

    PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Rotator cuff tear, right shoulder. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSES: 1. Severe degenerative arthritis glenohumeral joint, right shoulder involving the humeral head and the glenoid. Photographs were taken. 2. Partial tear rotator cuff, less than 50%. No evidence of severe...
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    Wiki can e/m be billed on this as well with the injection??

    E/M can be so confusing. I came from just coding surgeries and trying to understand E/M is so confusing. I know the modifier 25 will be applied but since they are going to get her into pt and reviewed the MRI would this be enough to bill the OV?? Anyone have any examples of when an office...
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    Wiki Tear

    Hi all, Can anyone explain for Non-traumatic posterior horn of medial meniscus Tear as i confused to find the code for this cause. If it is for Traumatic we have to take code in ICD 10 code book. For non-traumatic?
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    Wiki Meniscal tear

    The patient is a 66-year old male who had sustained an injury to his right knee when he stepped into a hole on the sand on the beach. This resulted in significant and persistent billow-sided joint pain. While he had a history of previous knee problems, he had not had this level of symptoms...