1. Walker22

    Definitive Drug Testing for Cigna

    Cigna has recently released a drug testing policy that allows 8 definitive tests per date of service. Due to this limitation, they have determined that G0482 and G0483 are not medically necessary (because both codes exceed the 8 test maximum) and not payable. My lab now has a coding dilemma: 1...
  2. T

    80053 and 80048

    I have a question about using 80053 and 80048 together. I know that 80048 is bundled into 80053 and Edits say they can't be billed together even with use of modifier. What if these tests are drawn at 2 separate draws or even 2 different dates (visit over 2 day period) Thank you
  3. P

    Question on ED Facility Level Guidelines - Need Clarifiication - LEVEL 4 or 5

    Working for multiple facilities, every one has their own guide on the facility leveling. A question brought up on whether to charge a level 4 or 5. According to the Level 4 intervention guidelines, preparation for 2 diagnostic tests which would include EKG, LABS or XRAY. Special Imaging such as...
  4. J

    Physician Orders for Lab/Diagnostic Tests

    Billing for facility: Orders from physician are coming over without a dx or an acceptable 1st listed dx. Facility is providing these services and we cannot code them without clarification. Is it inappropriate or correct coding/billing standards to bill/accept orders for labs/diagnostic tests...
  5. A

    Physician billing for test ordering

    Can a physician bill for ordering certain tests? For example breast cancer screening, colon cancer screening. The tests will not be done in the office but can we still bill for the actual ordering of these tests? If so, what CPT codes should be used?
  6. F

    NP's and treadmill stress tests

    Question has come up today.... can an NP bill for a stress test?
  7. N

    Moderate Complexity lab tests??

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me (or direct me to the proper documentation) what are moderate complexity labs? :cool:
  8. F

    Cpt Code 97750

    What exactly should be documented for code 97750? Also, can these be billed with physician e/m codes with different providers (physical therapist is doing performance tests)? Thanks for any information you can provide. Fran