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    Wiki Pleurodesis with drainage of effusion

    I have a provider who wants to add modifier 22 for draining a pleural effusion at the time of doing a pleurodesis. I don't see it documented that there was increased work, complexity, or time and the office manager is pushing back. Please see the below op note snip and all feedback is welcomed...
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    Wiki thoracic surgery

    My MD did an open flap drainage and a decortication at the same visit. I used cpt codes 32036 and 32225-59, however we are being denied for bundling. What can I do to get pass this? Any suggestions?
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    Wiki Multi-Specialty Surgical Coder seeking full-time position

    I'm currently employed with a multi-specialty surgical practice and I'm interested in exploring other opportunities, I would love to speak with you about my coding and auditing experience. Best Regards...
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    Wiki Thoracic Spine Trauma ICD-10 code??

    I am a radiology coder so I deal with a lot of trauma and fracture codes. So far I have found everything in ICD-10 except a code for thoracic spine trauma/injury. Not the cord, the bones. In ICD-9 we used 959.19, but they did not make one that was specific for the thoracic spinal bone area. They...