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    Patient Calls with insurance info after filing limit.

    If a patient was seen and did not present insurance and was billed for the visit, decides to call with insurance info well after the filing limit for their insurance, are they responsible to pay or do we have to write it off?
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    Can I REBILL and Collect on a Chiropractic Case from four years ago?

    Can someone please tell me if I can legally submit new revised bills for a WC Case/FECA from four years ago? The Doctor says YES but FECA rules say NOT, so what should I do? Any input will be helpful I was hired to do Collections, Doctor did billing and coding so the files are considered problem...
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    Home Health

    Can anyone help me with this? If a patient is being treated with Home Healthcare and the referring physician authorizes and or signs the Plan of Care but it is not filed to insurance and is not timely filing, can we A) still bill for denial or B) can we file for the re-certification even thought...