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    Best Auditing Tool to use?

    Hello Fellow Coders, i hope you all are healthy and doing well. I have recently started an auditing position (which i have done in the past) but I have several different tools I can use to determine the correct E/M level. Is there an easy to look at tool that you auditors prefer to use when...
  2. K

    Dermatology auditing tool

    I am in need of a Derm auditing tool. Is it possible to have someone send me a form or direct me to a website to check my E&M codes for Derm specialty. Thank you! Kathy
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    Critical Care Laminented pocket tool

    Does anyone have or know of a reference for a critical care laminated pocket tool? I looking for one specific to ONLY critical care. Thanks! Diana
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    1997 Audit Tool

    Does anybody know where or have a 1997 audit tool or sheet or form??? I did an internet search and it looks like all of them are 1995 based! :eek: