urology coding

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    Question Modifier 25 , E/M with minor procedure

    I thought I would get people's thoughts on adding an E/M to a minor procedure (cysto). I keep going back and forth on what would be correct. Pt comes in for scheduled Cysto due to BPH luts, they are able to determine severity of enlargement and after the procedure they discuss possible options...
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    Question 96402 denied for prostate cancer diagnosis

    BCBS of IL is denying 96402 when billed for C61, prostate cancer. The denial states "missing/invalid diagnosis or condition". I have found that they are paying J9217 from the drug, but not 96402 and they have the same diagnosis code. I have been unable to locate any policy to explain this. Does...
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    Question Do you have any Major changes in Urology/ Nephrology coding guidelines for 2022?

    Hi AAPC Members, I have came across from a Nephrology Physician group that we have a Changes in the coding Guidelines for Dialysis cases from 2022, Is any one from the group are aware on this? If so Please shred some inputs
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    Wiki Open Cystolithotomy?

    Looking for a code for this.. I've seen 52317/51040 for lithopaxy, but since the stone was removed in this case maybe 52315/51040? I've also been looking at 51065 but it's a bladder stone not a ureteral stone. Foley cather was placed into bladder to straight drain. Bladder was emptied. Was...