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    Wiki Fetal demise at 28 weeks vaginal delivery... Coding help

    can we bill the vaginal delivery code if the patient had a vaginal delivery for a fetal demise at 28 weeks induced by cytotec? and dx code as fetal demise with z37.0? Vaginal delivery: Spontaneous. Infant care: Spontaneous crying. Placenta: Spontaneous delivery, Intact, 3 vessel cord...
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    Wiki Prolia & Lupron Injections- Questions

    I have a Medicare Advantage HMO patient coming for 6 month Lupron injection-( 24 weeks from 08-07-2015) and will also need Prolia injections ( 24 weeks from 09-11-2015) Question #1. Can both injections be done on same day? Question #2. Is it OK to give Prolia on exact 24 weeks date?
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    Wiki how to code a second EGD during a post-op period

    The surgeon I work for performed an EGD and Colonoscopy on this particular patient, and about 3 weeks later he does an EGD with placement of percutaneous gastrostomy tube, 5 days later a tracheostomy, now another 3 weeks later he does an EGD should I have billed this EGD with a modifier? The...
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    Wiki surgical aftercare code correct for this?

    Pt is recovering from hospital stay in which liver abscess was drained and was put on antibiotics for 4 weeks. He now presents to office needing 2 more weeks of antibiotics and referral to ID. Prescription is given, referral is made. (No other treatment provided; brief basic exam performed.) Is...
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    Wiki Transfer OB with 14 visits

    An OB patient transferred into our practice at 24 weeks. She was seen for a total of 14 visits with us, delivering at 37 weeks. Can we bill 59426 with modifier 22 to account for the large number of visits or should some of the visits be billed separately? She was GDM on insulin and had mild...
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    Wiki stent rremoval

    Patient comes in for stent removal 52310. Stone analysis and prevention is discussed. Ultrasound is scheduled in two weeks to ensure no residual. Does this warrant a level 2 EM?