1. T

    Wiki x-ray only appointments

    Hello, We have been debating this for years, and we can't find any documentation to support either option. We're a private ortho practice with our own xray machine. Our drs frequently have pts come in for xray-only appts. We're questioning how to charge them if the dr that ordered the xray...
  2. KStaten

    Wiki Documentation for Number of Views for X-Ray Interpretations

    Hello Everyone! :) I need confirmation on documentation for x-rays, please. Scenario: A physician orders and reviews knee x-rays in his/her office. The orders that appear in the note state the number of views. Does the physician ALSO have to state the number (or specific name/type) of views...
  3. H

    Wiki Family Medicine offices

    Does anyone do xrays or in house bloodwork in PCP offices? How does it reimburse?
  4. S

    Wiki X-ray billing help!

    I'm new to an ASC facility and when it comes to x-rays (almost always performed along with a surgery), I am told that we code professionally with -26 modifier but don't bill at all for the facility side. It was explained to me that x-rays are included in the global surgery package for...
  5. J

    Wiki Modifier 25 with X-rays? AAPC practice exam says it is required?

    Maybe I am missing something... I am trying to clarify the issue. I was taking the AAPC module that I purchased: Specialty Practice Exam COSC™ And on Case 20 it goes over a basic office visit for knee pain. All that is done is an e/m and an x-ray, 73562. Question three asks if a modifier...
  6. E

    Wiki Is there a modifier to use when billing Non-digital X-rays?

    Medicare is supposed to be decreasing reimbursement to providers not using digital x-rays starting 2017. To date I can't find any info on the modifiers we are supposed to be using to indicate we are billing non-digital x-rays
  7. L

    Wiki xrays pre and post reduction

    I am a physician office coder wondering if you can bill for pre and post reduction xrays done in office. Pt came into the clinic and had a 3view Lt wrist - the physician then manipulated his fracture with finger traps and placed him in a Munster Cast. After the reduction the physician ordered...
  8. T

    Wiki Fracture care - ATV accident

    Hi there! I have a billing question.. Patient came into our office after a ATV accident. He did not go the ER or anywhere else. The Patient Hurt is left arm Dr noted a Distal radial fracture nondisplaced. He did put a Don joy cast on his wrist but the Patient had to be sent out for Xrays since...
  9. J

    Wiki UHC and knee xrays

    Is anyone else having issues with United Healthcare (Community Plan and United Healthcare Shared Services) denying E&M codes inclusive to knee xrays (specifically 73560)? We are an orthopaedic group that frequently performs knee xrays on patients. I have contacted both insurance carriers...
  10. C

    Wiki Hip xrays denied for codes no longer valid

    All hip xrays that our office is submitting are being denied, stating no longer valid as of 1-1-2016 cpt 73500, 73510, 73520 are there new codes for 2016? Definitely not aware of any of this??? Can someone share their knowledge on this? Thank you cwilson orthopaedics
  11. L

    Wiki Bilateral Knee xrays

    Did something change with coding bilateral knee xrays? We use to bill 73560-50, but it looks like the 50 modifier is not longer allowed.
  12. D

    Wiki e/m and xray

    the new office I work in are putting modifier 25 on all office visits with xrays, is that necessary? please help :(