12041 intermediate repair confirmation.


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Hello. Could someone tell me please if I can add 12041 intermediate repair in the case below? Thank you in advance.
Pt has On EUA, external genitalia noted to have polypoid scar tissue at site of previous vestibulectomy
Px: Triamcinolone acetonide total 40mg and 5 cc marcaine 0.25% was injected into several points along the scar tissue along the previous incision lines and at the skenes glands. The abnormal polypoid scar tissue near the urethra measured approximately 0.5cm in length. It was grasped with foreceps an excised and ellipitical fashion with a 15 blade scalpel leaving a less than 0.5cm supericial defect that was closed in a running fashion using 4-0 Vicryl suture= 11420. A longer segment of polypoid scar tissue at 5 oclock, approximately 2.5cm in length was grasped at the base with Allis foreceps and incisied 11423 in a similar ellipitcal fashion with the blade to leave a defect approximately 1cm in length and 0.5cm in depth, which was closed in two layers. The deeper layer was closed with 3-0 Vicryl to close any deadspace with a figure-of-8 stitch and the superficial layer was closed in a running fashion with 4-0 Vicryl= 12041
The description of 12041- -Repair, intermediate, wounds of neck, hands, feet and/or external genitalia; 2.5 cm or less is Due to deeper or more complex lacerations, deep subcutaneous or layered suturing techniques are required. The physician closes tissue layers under the skin with dissolvable sutures before suturing the skin. Extensive cleaning or removal of foreign matter from a heavily contaminated wound that is closed with a single layer may also be reported as an intermediate repair.