14301 vs 15734?


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We raised skin flaps off the abdominal wall to better define our fascial edges. Once this had been
achieved, the fascial edges were grasped with Kocher's and noted to be
slightly under tension upon drawing toward the midline. The decision was made
to perform an anterior release of the external oblique fascia. Approximately
5 cm from midline bilaterally, the external oblique fascia was released using
electrocautery. Once this was performed, the fascia was noted to be under much
less tension allowing for fascial closure. An AlloMax surgical graft
underlay was placed beneath the fascia. It was tacked circumferentially using
interrupted 1 proline in a vertical mattress fashion. Once this was completed,
the overlying fascia was closed with figure of 8, 1 prolene along the length
of the incision intermittently incorporating the underlying AlloMax surgical