Wiki 15731- Forehead flap with preservation of vascular pedicle


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Does anyone know if 15731 describe a donor or recipient site? The notes in CPT do not really really specify for this code and if the flap is not immediatedly transfered to a donor site, would a coder modify the service with a -52?
According to CPT changes 2007: Code 15731 was established to report the use of a special type of forehead flap that differs from other flaps reported with codes 15570-15576. The axial pattern florehead flap idenitifies a flap that is based on the supratochlear vessles. . . . Code 15731 is intended to report performance of an axial pattern forehead flap, and includes intraoperative idenitification of hte supratochlear vessels, the flap designed to center over those vessels, and the tedious dissection orequired to include the vessel during flap elevation.

For our practice this is typically used for reconstruction of the nose.
Eventually my surgeon is going to put the flap on the nose. In the mean time, he did the work involved in 15731 except put the flap on the nose.