2 billing companies for the same medical group

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A medical group in LA wants to try a second billing company for Medicare claims, Noridian as MAC and for CCM (chronic care management) related claims only. For the rest of their billing, they want to keep their current biller.

What is the exact process that the group, the current biller and the new billing company should follow to make this happen seamlessly?

So for example, if the group sends 100 claims a day to Noridian today, maybe 2 or 3 will be sent by the second billing company after this process is followed; the remaining 98 will follow the same process as today.

The main concern of the group is that adding this second biller may cause problems with their current workflow with Medicare and affect their cash flow.

I am looking at Noridian site very carefully right now while I ask this question.

Looking forward to some sort of a recipe to propose to this medical groups and others like them. And repeat this process for other MACs and other insurances.