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Osceola, WI
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i have a patient seen in the ED in the morning with abdominal pain and given narcotics to take home. he comes back into the ED later that evening with continuing abdominal pain.
he sees a different doc at each visit. how do i code these visits? do i combine them into one visit? if so which doc gets the "credit"? both docs are within the same group at this facility.:confused:
If you are doing facility coding then you code for each individual encounter using a 27 modifier on the second visit level, if a procedure is performed during one of these encounters, then both visit levels get a 25 modifier and the second will also have a 27 and there will need to be a G0 condition code on the claim.
If you are coding for the physician and both phsycicians are in the same group then you combine and bill with one level.