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Billing for Anesthiologist he is going to start doing TEEs he will do the insertion and use it for monitoring, the cardiologist is going to interpret how do I bill for this service.

Billing for anesthiologist he is going to start using US for his nerve blocks if the block is the method of anes and he uses US can I bill for the guidance or only if the block is for pain management after the procedure?

Thanks again for the help you all continue to give me!
The TEE would be 93313, (probe only) you must have image documentation BUT it is not reported separately when performed for monitoring purposes only per Medicare NCCI policy manual. However if it is performed for diagnostic purposes then it may be reported separately w/ 59 mod.

If the block is for anesthesia purposes or for both anesthesia & post op pain then you can not report the nerve block/U/S code separately only bill for the anesthesia CPT code.