Wiki 2008 Medicare Fee Schedule

Teresa Toscano

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Has anyone received payment from Medicare which would include the 0.5% increase. I went on the Trailblazer website and I have used 99213,99214,96416 to search for new payment amounts and I see a decrease from the 2007 Medicare Fee Schedule. Help!!:eek:
I talk to our local AMA and they stated that the converison factors went down so we actually are going to see a decrease of payment. I am in AZ, so you will need to check your area. I also understood that the indivudual look up fee schedule is not updated corretly. I was told I needed to down load the whole PDF file.
Hope that helps....:rolleyes:
I am in Michigan and so far I haven't seen an increase or a decrease is payments. I do know that there is suppose to be a .05% increase, but so far we are not seeing it
Thanks for all of the helpful info. I did call our Medicare offices here in TX and you are all correct. They stated to me on Friday that not all codes are subject to the 0.5% increase. Depending on the actual procedure/CPT being performed and billed is where this increase would take place. So, absolutely there will be a decrease in several of our E/M AND INFUSION codes. If I hear of anything I will let all of you know in a new forum. Thanks again.::D