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Can someone clarify the new fever codes for me. "780.60 is for unspecifed fever and 780.61 is for fever presenting with conditions classified elsewhere."
I am not quite clear on when to use the 780.61. Would I use it with pharngitis, strep, abdominal pain or what? ICD-9 lists more chronic type conditions under the 780.61, like leukemia,neutropenia, and sickle-cell disease.
Thank you for the help and claification.

Patty Bennetts
780.60 vs. 780.61

Chapter 16 information listed at the start of the chapter in my book states:

"Code 780.6X (fever) includes 780.61, fever in conditions classified elsewhere, with a note stating to code the underlying condition. The note includes conditions such as leukemia and sickle-cell disease. Fever is not an integral part of either of these conditions; therefore it is reported as an additional diagnosis when present. There are specific codes for fever in certain situations: 780.62 postoperative; 780.63 postvaccination."

I have been using 780.60 when coding fever with 462, 034.0 as necessary.

Hope this helps
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