2016 PQRS - Conundrum


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Good Morning All -

As I was perusing the CMS PQRS website once again I noticed that Nerve block codes such as 64415, 64447, etc are included in the CMS list of Face-to-Face Encounter Codes. According to that then you would need to be reporting on a cross-cutting measure however the only measure that applies to the nerve block codes is Measure #404 (smoking abstinence) which is not considered a cross-cutting measure.

Does anyone have any insight into this?

I also have another question I was hoping to get some help on. Our anesthesia providers have been reporting on the Measures Applicability Validation #38 for Anesthesiology however some do provide nerve blocks. The measures we have been collecting are 424, 426, 427, and 430.

Measure #404 is applicable to the nerve blocks however we haven't been collecting info for this. If we do not report this measure for the billed 6xxxx codes will we receive the penalty?

Thanks again for the help.