Question 2021 guidelines for QHP " straightforward problems"

Knoxville, TN
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I posted this question in the E/M forum as well, but since I work in Dermatology, I thought I would seek guidance here too. I have a question regarding the E/M coding for a straightforward problem; per the recent AAD presentation, E/M Coding Changes for 2021, Major changes ahead, the straightforward level clearly states that the problem may not require the presences of the physician or other QHP. I have also seen this wording in a NAMAS article. Does this mean that the nursing staff can bill a 99212/99202 under the physician's supervision? I would think not, but my providers disagree. The question also relates to straightforward procedures like skin tag removal or wart freezing, it is my opinion that only a QHP can perform these procedures; however, I have been asked to find out if this changes in 2021, under the new guidelines. I can find nothing to reference. Any advice would be very appreciated.