Question 2021 guidelines: Xray results interpreted 1 day after being ordered at office visit


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Please please please help!
Xray results interpreted 1 day after being ordered at office visit. Because it takes at least one day to put films in system for our provider to personally interpret.
Can this count under category 2 under MDM on new 2021 audit tool?
Since we can't bill for a telephone call the day after an office visit to go over results of xray--since it's bundled with E&M-- how does provider get credit for personally reviewing a test performed by another physician or health professional? (when the results are only available day after office visit when they were ordered)
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I do not believe there is a way to credit "independent interpretation" for data unless it is on the date of the encounter. Other than the clarification that a discussion must be within a day or two, I interpret that all other must be on the date of encounter.
I want to clarify that reviewing a test is INCLUDED in the order credit. In order to be considered "independent interpretation", the physician must be reviewing images and providing at least some type of written summary/report. Reading an x-ray report would not be independent interpretation. Reading x-ray films and providing interpretation is.
When you state "personally reviewing a test", I'm not certain which you mean. If it is reviewing the report, your provider already received credit. If it is interpreting the films a day other than an encounter, I am not aware of a way to receive credit.
Similarly, if your clinician calls a new patient the day prior to the visit to take history, or reviews records, we cannot count that time the day before. We can only count time spent the day of.