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We do alot of hip replacements and we always use computer navigation 20985 with the primary procedure code. UHC has always paid for it in the past but lately have started denying the use of the computer nav...any others having this issue?
I am having problems too. Per my notes as of 8 months ago, Frontpath (ohio), UHC, and Medicare, and workers comp (ohio) are the only ones who even cosidered paying it. However, as of Aug 2011 UHC has added wording to thier "LCD" (if you can call it that) to say that 20985 is considered "unproven". Link below will lead you in the right direction for research on this. (scroll down and look under Omnibus codes) UHC is so huge, it is nearly impossible to research this according to every plan. :(


Good luck. I've been picking my battles with this code.