Wiki 24hr ph and bravo failure


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We perform both tests in our outpt. Hosp. office. sometimes the test will fail and there is nothing to download, read, interpret. When this happens my docs will usually bring the patient in again for another test.

Frst off, they don't do a report. It's as if the patient never even came in... shouldn't they be doing some kind of documentation showing what specifically happened that the test wasn't completed? I mean the probe was placed...

Secondly, they tell the patient to not worry about being billed for the first one, that it is "on the house" and this causes huge problems because although the physician waives his fees, the hospital does not. If the probe was placed they bill for it. Pt. receives a bill and it upset. Should the hosp. still be billing for it? Is the physican wrong in not billing for it???

I guess I just want to know what other offices are doing...any recommendations on how to handle this situation would be appreciated...