27095 & 77071 with 29916, 29914 Hip Scopes


Munising, MI
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Any coders currently coding hip arthroscopy:

I am having a debate with a surgeon who wants me to code 27095 & 77071 in conjunction with 29916 & 29914. My stance is that they should not be reported with the hip scopes separately. Their argument is that since they don't bundle in Code-X or NCCI that we should report them. My argument is that just because something does not hit a bundling edit doesn't mean it is necessarily correct to report it separately. I view these are part of the global surgical package. They have been talking to another group that does this on every case and claims they are being paid for them, I don't really know if that is true or not & would argue again that just because it's being paid doesn't mean it is correct coding.

Anyone run into this question?
I am trying to find documentation to support my side. The global service data book doesn't spell it out either way.