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Good afternoon, I need help figuring out if I should bill the 27134 52 or the 11983. Per operative report
Exposing the acetabulum, the hip was gently dislocated. The head was disengaged. The noncemented femoral stem was well fixed. The stem was loosened with K-wire technique and flexible osteotomies. No osteotomy was performed. The stem was then backslapped out of the femur with gentle blows. We began broaching and broached up to the size of the final femoral implant.

The acetabulum was exposed. The noncemented acetabular component was well fixed. With flexible osteotomes and cup-cutting devices, the acetabular component was removed. Some bone was lost in this process. The acetabulum was sized.

Trial reduction were performed. Trials were assessed regarding stability and soft tissue balance, leg length, measurements taken earlier in the case, and preoperative planning. Satisfied with our choice of stem, head, and offset, the trials were removed and the canal was gently irrigated.

Final stem and head was made of antibiotic cement. Cobalt cement with Gentamycin was used. 2.0 grams of Vancomycin and 2.4 grams of Tobramycin was used per bag of Cobalt Cement with Gentamycin.

The final stem was impacted into place at the appropriate depth and anteversion with good purchase. The taper was washed and dried. The head was impacted into place and was noted to be fully seated and secure. Cement was used to cover all exposed metal and bony defects.

I see where the implants were removed but not put back in, when I asked doctor he said that procedure done was similar to hemiarthoplasty, just trying to get clarification please.

Thank you!
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