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Chanute, KS
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Patient came into ER with a dislocated hip. The Orthopedic PA went to ER to reduce the hip. According to the note on the 5/14 reduction pt rec'd versed and dilaudid for sedation. Patient's hip dislocated again and came back into ER and the orthopedic PA reduced it again, this time using propofol and Succinylcholine as anesthetic. When reading the CPT the 27265 is w/o anesthetic and the 27266 is with so I used the 27265 on the 1st time (because it was conscious sedation) and 27266 the 2nd time and I was told that even though propofol is a regional anesthetic it was done in ER so the correct code would be 27265. I'm confused on this and any enlighting help would be appreciated as to how I'm supposed to know this. Does it say somewhere when to use the code w/ anesthesia and when not to?