27266 vs 27252 help!


Chennai, India
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pre/post op diagnosis: Right hip dislocation.

history: The patient initially had hip replacement done many years ago at Virginia Mason in 1995. the hip was revised due to dislocation approximately 5 years later. since that time, he has had at least one other dislocation of the right hip. he also has a left hip replacement that has not dislocated since it was revised at the same time that the right side was. apparently today, he was bending over from a tall chair. the chair rotated, twisted the leg, and he sustained right hip dislocation.

the hip was reduced under general anesthesia without external fixator.

I am confused between 27266 vs 27252.
description of 27266 says post hip arthroplasty, which in this case it is but was done 20 years ago and again dislocated after 5 years. is there any timeframe for post hip arthroplasty to assign this code.

So i think 27252 traumatic is a better choice as it is a twisting injury.

please suggest????