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Can someone tell me if 28005 is billable for this SX? To me, it sounds like part of the amputation.

Attention was directed to the dorsal aspect of her right first digit, where curvilinear incision was performed extending from the medial aspect the digit laterally to the base of the first interdigital space. The primary incision was then connected on the plantar aspect of her first digit using a sharp dissection. At this time, it was noted that the active bleeding was not being controlled with the tourniquet, probably due to calcification of the blood vessels. Tourniquet was released with total tourniquet time of 3 minutes. The area was fully flushed and all the active bleeders were ligated. The incisions were deepened in the same plane paying careful attention to preserve all the vessels and nerves which were retracted and cauterized as necessary.

By using sharp dissection, transverse capsulotomy was performed through the dorsal aspect of the first metatarsophalangeal joint, and the medial and lateral collateral ligaments were identified and transected. The digit was amputated in toto from the area.