28124 with tenotomy?


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Op report states bone excision third digit distal phalanx and flexor tenotomy of third digit
For non healing ulcer

Doc wants to use cpt 28124 with 28232

I'm thinking just 28124

X-rays were obtained and revealed distal exostosis of distal phalanx and contracture of the distal phalanx upon the middle phalanx of the third digit. Attention directed to the distal aspect of third digit. Two 1cm semi-elliptical Incisions were made at the following encompassing the non healing ulcer and the incisions were deepened through subcutaneous tissue using sharp dissection. At this time the head of the distal phalanx was observed and free from all capsular and ligamentous attachment and utilizing bone cutter the head of the distal phalanx was resected together with the exostosis and passed from the operative site. At this time wound was flushed & skin coapted with simple interrupted suture. Attention was directed plantar aspect of the third digit where the flexor was palpated along the plantar aspect of the proximal phalanx and tenotomized at this time. The toe was put through a set of ranges of motion and the contracture noted preoperatively was at this time reduced adequately.

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