Wiki 29828 or 29806 ? or just 29822 . . . .


Winter Springs, FL
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The report reads . . .

Patient had obvious rotator cuff tear as well as the stump of the biceps tendon that was present. The biceps stump was causing grooving of the humeral head ( grade 2 to grade 3/4). I then utilized a grasper for tension on the biceps stump and carefully with both VAPR and the shaver to saucerize the stump at the attachment into the labrum, removing the biceps stump. I then checked the labrum to ensure that there were no signs of actual liftoff, and I was able to smooth and saucerize the remaining edge. At this point I moved to the rotator cuff repair.

At first I thought of using either 29828 or 29806, but they just don't seem appropriate.
Do you think I should just use 29822. I really need opinions . . . . . . please