3M Encoder or similar tools


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We had a demo from 3M with regard to their physician coding Encoder. Administration is asking that we look at an encoder that has integrated coding resources and CAC. While the 3M tool is very comprehensive and has some interesting features, I am having difficulty seeing how this will improve our current process. Our current billing system, Meditech, while not in the league of EPIC, does have worklists that the coders can work from. Like 3M this allows us to sort the list in a multitude of ways to prioritize work or for ease of EMR access (1 patient, 1time for multiple visits), there is a look up took for ICD10, and the CPT's are available through the CDM. Our providers select most E&M's and the coders review the note against the coding, either except the original code or select an alternate code based on documentation. For procedures in the office the providers have the ability to select codes from a prepopulated list or they drop from an in office order. Especially as we look toward 2021 E&M changes with greater emphasis on MDM, I am not sure how the computer aided coding saves time, I would think a coder would still need to review the note.

I am interested to know if anyone on the list uses this tool or a similar tool and how it integrates into your workflow.