45171, 46255 and 46945?


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How would you code this?

"...found that there was a rectal polyp, large polyp-like with long stalk, 3cm proximal to the dentate line. I used Harmonic scalpel and excised this polyp and sent it for pathology. I then continued my examination. The patient had large internal and external hemorrhoid at the 3 o'clock position, which I used a hemostat and grasped the skin area of the hemorrhoid and used a scalpel to excise the skin. I used Metzenbaum to ensure I placed the muscle away from the hemorrhoid,then continued my dissection with electro Bovie cautery and Harmonic scalpel. I ligated the base of this hemorrhoid with a 2-0 chromic and excised the hemorrhoid completely. I then did a running locking stitch with a chromic to close the hemorrhoidal tissue skin. I then performed a mirror image of this procedure at 9 o'clock position at the internal and external hemorrhoids. After I removed the 9 o'clock hemorrhoidal tissue and closing the skin, I placed a lidocaine jelly and anal foam."

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