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Ok, so here's the op report, I'm not sure on this one, so help is greatly appreciated!

"No palpable mass in the head of the pancreas area is noted. There is some thickening of the tissues in this area due to recent placement of the common duct tube. There was a fairly significant enlarged lymph node, super duodenal area. This was excised and given to the pathology for specimen to rule out malignancy. The ligament of Treitz was then identified at approximately 15 cm from this area. The small bowel was divided, some of the mesentery had been divided and bleeding points controlled. The distal end was brought up to the gallbladder and after resecting the compromised small short segment due to loss of blood supply, the upper end was anastomosed to the gallbladder end-to-side in 2 layers. A 4-0 silk for seromuscular layer and 2-0 vicryl for the inner layer, continuous ______ adequate airtight closure was noted. Proximal segment of the jejunum was anastomosed to the vertical segment end-to-side in 2 layers similarly using 4-0 silk and a 2-0 vicryl. adequate anastomosis was present and the mesenteric defect was approximated with 2-0 chromic.

Thanks for any insight!