Wiki 569.89 vs V45.3

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Under audit for GI. I am having trouble determining when the indexed anastomosis code 569.89 is to be used, and when to use the V45.3. Colonscopy op report states that procedure was performed to the anastomosis, but does not state where the anastomosis is within the colon, nor does it state if anastomosis is a new condition or old. I have been using the indexed anastomosis code of 569.89, but getting it wrong, stating I need to use the V45.3. So, when do you use the 569.89 code?:confused:
The V45.3 code is a status code indicating the patient has an anastamosis due to surgery.
the 569.89 is a code for an intestinal disorder.
when they say the procedure was performed to the anastamosis then that is as far as they went , to the site of the anastamosis, so you can use the V45.3 to indicate the status. You cannot use this code first listed it is just indicating status only. You need the diagnosis for the reason for the procedure. If it is to check the status of the anastamosis then use a surgical followup V code with the V45.3 secondary.