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Hello All,

I work in an FQHC that has three OB/GYN offices and we are battling over the 59430 postpartum care.We received a Florida Medicaid Health Care Alert stating Practitioner Services
for vaginal delivery which include immediate post-partum care in a Facility setting (hospital or birth center). The keywords to us are facility setting (Hospital or Birth Center). We want to charge 59430 for the out-pt postpartum follow-ups at 1 and 6 weeks. When we have billed, Medicaid,MMAs they paid it in addition to the delivery . Thoughts?


Kate Sovacool CPMA,CPPM,CPC
I would suggest reviewing your contracts and the carve-outs for maternity related services. We are an FQHC in Oregon and our contracts indicate that prenatal and postpartum care services are to be billed using the evaluation and management codes instead of the 5xxxx maternity billing codes. We only use the maternity codes for our patients with commercial insurance.

Jonique Dietzen, CPC, Project Manager