Wiki 74363 with mod 52? HELP PLS


Wichita, Kansas
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Existing pigtail drain was removed over glidewire following prepping and draping of the skin and anesthetizing the skin with lidocaine. A berenstein catheter was introduced Some contrast was introduced. I was able to manipulate the catheter and wire into the obstructed radicle which proves to be due to multiple small clips. I briefly attempted to pass a glidewire through this area. This was unsuccessful. Access was lost at this time. I saw no particular reason to replace the catheter as the tube had drained less than 10 ml in the last four days and I suspect this is probably related to a very chronic occlusion of this ductal system. The findings were dussed with Dr. the patient and his family following the procedure.

Obstruction of the dilated right hepatic ducts appears to be related to previous clip placement. What dx to use also?????????????????????/