Wiki 80305 maximum frequency denial.


Valley Center, KS
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Getting the denial CO-151 (Payment adjusted because the payer deems the information submitted does not support this many/ frequency of services).

We run the 80305 dipstick test once a month for patients and quarterly send out a 80307 which test the same thing and more. I have called around and cant get a good answer, and the info I am reading is saying that it is a test that we should be able to run once daily and even if we run the 80305 and send out 80307 on the same date, we should be able to bill the 80305 in house and the lab bill 80307 due to different ID.

Now am I Missing some thing? Does anyone have any info on why I would be getting this error? Do you know if their is a limit to how often we can run a test like this in a year period, cause I cant get any info from the insurances themselves.