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Good Morning !

I have a Claim back from our Billing dept. Here is what happened.

Claim was sent in 86235 Mod 76 and they did this 5 times.
(Extractable nuclear antigen, antibody to, any method (eg, nRNP, SS-A, SS-B, Sm, RNP, Sc170, J01), each antibody )

They were all Bundled by the Ins. Company.
And the Billers are wondering how to UN-Bundle them to get paid for all 5 tests?

And this was all done before i started here, and i really have no clue where they got the Mod 76 ,
it doesnt even come up as a Valid Mod for this Code.

And i'm not sure of myself on this one,
either 86235 X5
or 86235 on seperate lines with Mod 59

Thanks In advance ! :)
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