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Everyone seems to have different opinions on this. How do you bill for a PPD test? (Placing and the reading 48-72 hours later).

Some say to bill the 99211 when the patient returns. Some say only bill the 99211 if the test is positive since that requires additional workup.

What do ya'll think? Thanks in advance for your time!

It has always been my understanding that reading of the PPD is inherent to the provision. Therefore, I wouldn't append any 99211 for follow ups. Maybe someone else has a slightly varied opinion, but I'd be cautious about creating additional charges for a service inherent to the initial.
We do not bill any service when the patient comes back to get the reading if it is neg. If however, the PPD is positive then depending on the documentation a 99211 might be justifiable since at this visit evaluation and management of a problem is occuring.
PPD follow up

Look at the AAPC EdgeBlast # 78 posted 6/6/07. It states that "code 86580 dos not cover any follow-up care so if the patient returns to the office to have the nurse evaluate the test results, you may then report 99211, assuming the visit meets the requirements of 99211."

Do you bill the 86580 (TB test) on the day of the service performed *OR* on the day the reading is done by the nurse?