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From my understanding CPT codes 90471 & 90472 are to be used for the nurses time, when giving an injection (No-Counseling: because the nurse isn't giving problem medical advise)... along with that, CPT code 90460 & 90461 would be used as the nurses administration code BECAUSE the doctor also saw the patient (minor) before the injections were given.

Example: V04.89- 90471: Nurses time
V04.89- 90680: Durg given

V04.89- 90460: If seen by doctor then nurse also give injection
V04.89- 90680: Drug given

Now he's my question.... The doctor wants to charge an office visit 99211, aginst the NURSES TIME for the injection, even though the doctor never saw the patient.

Is there a diagnoses code for the nurses time that I can put aginst the 99211???