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How many times can I have 90471 on 1 claim??

I don't get it kids come in for multipul injections, so I was told by insurance to code 90471 for EACH injection.... then they come back and only pay 1... what the heck?!:confused:
You need to submit the vaccines admin as follows
90471 for first vaccine
90472 for each additional vaccine.

Send in a corrected claim

CPT states 90471 1 vaccine(single or combination vaccine/toxoid)
CPT code 90472 each additional vaccine(single or combination vaccine/toxoid) (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure)

Hope this helps.
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for 3 vaccines code first vaccine with 90471 x 1 unit. code 2 additional vaccines with 90472 x 2 units. this will work! lburke cpedc
with counseling & under 18 or w/o?

if the pts are under 18 and the PROVIDER or other qualified health care professional provided counseling, you can also use 90460 for the first shot then 90461 for every shot thereafter. 90461 can be used with EACH component of EACH shot.

also, make sure to use 90472 in conjunction with actual shots.